Cano Industrial History:

Industrial Cano is a company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of commercial and industrial adhesives and sealants. It began its work in 1959 and it is located on Calle I, Herrera Industrial Zone.

It was originally created to manufacture and supply adhesives for the footwear industry incipient, becoming the first manufacturer of these products in the Dominican Republic.

The strategy implemented since 1994, in response to the declining shoe industry it positioned the company in a leading position in the field of commercial and industrial adhesives.

further, inks manufactured locally flexographic solvent base for plastic conversion industry, Offset inks gum base and base oil for printing paper and screen inks. It also offers complementary products import, such as silicones, putties, cements for PVC "oatey", wood glues, among others.

Continuing the diversification strategy, It has expanded the product line built on the lines of caulks and sealants.

In June 2010, as part of the response and improve customer satisfaction production plant was installed for operations based adhesive water and building products in Palamara Road No.23, El Pedregal, Km 22.

In January 2014 Dispatch processes and customer service facilities Palamara moved to integrate operations looking to improve responsiveness to customers.

At 2015, a new storage vessel was fitted in the Duarte Highway km18.

Nowadays, and participation in the processes of globalization and free trade agreements in which the country is, the company expanded the business to international markets, with exports to some countries in Central America and the Caribbean.

Quality IC:

More than 50 years on the market, our products have always been characterized by its Quality. In the early years it was guaranteed using the most reliable suppliers and doing always the same, having very little analysis of the finished product, Quality control is more focused on product inspection.

In 1999 the project to develop the Department of Quality Control begins. Culminating at the end of this year with the construction of the laboratory and the purchase of various equipment for the control of both raw material and finished products

Over the years they have acquired new equipment and qualified personnel to ensure the quality of our products.

Today we have a trained team of professionals. Together we implemented a quality management system based on ISO 9001:2008, achieving certification in January 2008 con TUV-SUD; further evidence of our commitment to continuous quality improvement. In 2014, obtained recertification AENOR-IQ-NET. By last, at 2017 We adapt to the version of ISO 9001: 2015.

In March 2008, we were winners of the National Industrial Excellence Award in the category of Medium Business.

further, we were elected "Company of the Year 2008" by the Association of the Dominican Republic Ferreteros.

In January 2009, We received recognition by the Ministry of Public Administration's efforts for the establishment of models of quality and excellence in the private sector.

In June 2012 We were recognized by President Leonel Fernandez for the valuable contribution to economic and social development of the Dominican Republic for more than 50 years in the industrial sector.

"To provide our customers with quality products in the areas of adhesives, paints, waterproofing, coatings and chemicals, creando una relación confiable a largo plazo, supported by a competent and flexible and innovative organization, committed to society and the environment. "

"Being the leader in the country in commercial and industrial chemicals, con una presencia sólida en Norteamérica, Central America and the Caribbean. "

  • Quality: Grado en que un conjunto de características inherentes cumplen con unos requisitos.
  • Customer service: Demuestra sensibilidad con el cliente y responde de manera proactiva para satisfacer sus necesidades.
  • Leadership: Guía y dirige a un equipo demostrando dinamismo y entusiasmo en el logro de los objetivos.
  • Excellence (efficiency): Superior calidad o bondad que hace digna de singular aprecio y estimación una cosa.
  • Innovation (technology / product / process): Application of new ideas, concepts, products, services and practices, con la intención de ser útiles para el incremento de la productividad.
  • Labor competency: Capacidad que una persona posee para desempeñar una función productiva que asegure la calidad en el logro de los resultados en base a una meta en común, that involves personal development and organization. Además incluye habilidades y actitudes para la prestación de un servicio.
  • Flexibility: Which is accommodated without difficulty, possibility to new technologies, para agilizarla y ubicar los procesos decisorios lo más cerca posible del cliente final.
  • social and environmental responsibility: Contribuye con las necesidades de la población y el medio ambiente.

Satisfy the requirements of our customers with quality chemicals, offering an efficient and reliable service, supported by a competent and committed, in a solid organization, innovative and flexible to change, ensuring our position in the domestic and international markets, through continuous improvement; comply with legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the sector; respecting the environment and society